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chris brown body exhausted for tatoo now got new tatoo on the head

Having for the most part come up short on space all over the place else on his body, Chris Brown is presently tattooing the back of his head, beginning with this blob which the Internet has for the most part acknowledged to be an endeavor at an entertainment of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of adoration.

In particular, the tattoo seems, by all accounts, to be a diversion of the Venus de Milo, an acclaimed statue of the goddess Aphrodite, which was made at some point somewhere around 130 and 100 BCE and right now lives at the Louver in Paris.

A tattoo is an extremely individual choice and Yahoo has no enthusiasm for disparaging Chris Brown for his most recent bit of body workmanship. The Internet will do that all naturally.

For the record, Aphrodite was the goddess of adoration, magnificence, and joy. Yet, she was likewise known for her vanity and her irritability, so maybe this is not the most exceedingly awful correlation Brown could have made to himself.

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